Extension Design

'We appointed Nicola to draw up plans for an extension we are planning and minutes into our first meeting we knew we had made the right decision. Nicola provided a faultless service. She was very enthusiastic and used her experience to turn our ideas into a realistic, practical design. We were kept up to date throughout the whole process. We would thoroughly recommend Nicola'.

Penny Croson, Leamington Spa

Pre-purchase Advice

'Your advice was just invaluable. I can't tell you how helpful it was to have all the snags pointed out, and that you told us what was physically possible, as well as what we were likely to get planning permission for. We avoided a potential disaster and your advice helped us see enough potential to put in an offer on something I probably wouldn't have considered before. We would definitely recommend your services and look forward to consulting you again should the need arise'

Rebecca Johnston, Hatton Park

'The housing market in Leamington is very bouyant, houses sell extremely quickly and we knew it was unlikely that we would find our ideal home. We discussed our needs with Nicola and she came along to viewings with us and advised us whether we would be able to achieve our dream. This gave us so much food for thought and led to us ultimately rejecting houses that we would otherwise have bought in our ignorance, only to discover we couldn't alter them in the way we hoped. Nicola was able to make rough sketches to help us to visualise how extensions might look. Her advice and guidance gave us the confidence to buy and saved us a costly mistake'.

Tess Robinson and Rob Hubbard, Leamington Spa

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